Central RPL bring you a whole new concept in sliding door systems from New Wave

With ground breaking design and engineering excellence no other sliding door system on the market can match New Wave for it's elegance and ease of use.



  • Seamless beautiful lines - no unsightly hardware
  • Easy to operate - slide one panel at a time
  • Open any part of the door you like. Even operates as a partition
  • More living space - inside and out
  • ABS 3 Star kitemark accredited lock - available on request
  • Excellent thermal and weatherproof performance
  • Patented Magnaline™ slide and stack technology
  • Maximum door height 2200mm, width on application

A revolutionary new door system

New Wave Doors are a revolutionary new way of fabricating, transporting and installing multi pane patio doors. Using a concept first engineered in the US, the technical team at New Wave Doors™ spent 18 months developing a system that is truly unique in patio door systems.

The solution to stiff door systems...

The New Wave Door™ is a true solution to problematic bi fold systems which are widely accepted to be difficult to make, move and install. The solution – don't connect the doors! Don't use face fix and problematic hardware. Each door moves and locates independently, giving the customer the option of opening the door in any position they choose, giving the opportunity to use the door as a true partition. There is virtually no visible hardware on a New Wave Doors™ making them the most strikingly beautiful patio door with the cleanest sight lines.

Magnaline Technology

The unique and patented Magnaline™ technology means that the operational hardware is concealed in the top and bottom tracks, the doors glide effortlessly and the living and patio space is not affected or encroached when the door is opening or closing, another feature which sets this door apart from its contemporaries.


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